The Historic Linden Estate at the Hamptons worth $75 Million Is Back On Property Listing

The Linden Estate that was present in Southampton listings in 2012 has finally gone on the property listing again in what is likely to be one of the biggest real estate sales in Hamptons of the year.

This 18,000-square-foot house is located at 160 Ox Pasture Road was asking $49 million in 2011, however, the final sale price remains a secret. However, it is now clear the deal did not go through as it is now listed for sale for a mind boggling amount of $75 million.

Businessman William F. Ladd had commissioned this property and a few well-known architects were involved in the design of this property that completed it well in time during the summer season of 1929.

This house has got an indoor as well as an outdoor pool, a spa, gym, fountain, grass tennis court, carriage house, 12 bathrooms, 12 bedrooms, and 3 half baths.

As soon as someone makes an entry into the property, the greeneries will welcome the visitor that is available on the front side lawn. The whole property is surrounded by 10 acres of land and the very view of the lush green lawn is very impressive.

Inside there is a large fountain surrounded by a green lawn. The waters of the fountain are falling on the circular-shaped water tank.

As someone will move inside the property he will be welcomed by great artwork displayed on the foyer. There is a circular staircase to move to the next floor. The combination of colors used on the stairs with white and brown can easily floor any visitor.

The living room has got old styled windows, very well maintained with a square grill. The chandelier light is going to light the living room. There are 3 floors in this house and every floor is well furnished and decorated with modern furniture and furnishings.

There is a huge fireplace inside and one can spend the winter evening in this space very comfortably and easily. There is a beach house inside with a color scheme of white and beige color that seems appropriate for that place.

There are 8 fireplaces available in the house. Plenty of floor spaces are available where one can decorate with all kinds of modern furnishing items.

The master bedroom can be considered as the bedroom for a king. The entrance to the bedroom is also quite cozy. There is also a gym available where different gym equipment is available and enough opportunity to keep oneself healthy and fit.

There is a facility available outside where one can enjoy a get-together and picnic. People can also have their lunch as tables and chairs are also placed in the open with a shade.

In case it rains then people can move to a safer place and the necessary arrangements are also provided. Those interested to play tennis will find a spacious tennis court on the lawn.

Outside, there is a swimming pool with clean blue water. Also, there is a place to rest near the pool.

Tim Davis, 55 years old real estate agent of Hamptons Estate, has played a very active role in making the deal for this property. He has got a very high track record in this real estate business and was awarded several times by Wall Street Journal.