How To Instantly Increase Your Sales Using Branded Logo Mats

You might have noticed the big branding and smart front desk if you’ve ever entered a large business’ reception. Because first impressions last are the most important, corporations spend a lot of money to give clients and customers the best possible impression.

It is obvious that not all small businesses can afford to have a grand entrance. This is why logo commercial mats with branded logos are a great way to impress clients without breaking the bank.

Logo mats not only look great, but they can also increase sales because of their brand recall.

It is a great way to stand out and increase brand recall by using subtle visual reminders. Even if they visit five different businesses in a single day, however, they will all eventually blend together into one.

It’s important to do it correctly. Low-quality entrances can damage a reputation just as much as high-quality ones can. Here are some tips to ensure your logo mats say the right things about your business.

1. Keep It Clean

You should also ensure that everything displaying your company branding is clean and tidy. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your brand logo mat is maintained properly.

2. Keep It Classy…Or Not

If your business is a luxury hotel, a nail salon, or a luxury hotel, it is important to keep things classy. However, if you are a child entertainer, you may want to have a little more fun.

If you are at the point of ordering merchandise, then you should know your brand’s tone.

We are giving you this guide because we know that off-brand or tone-deaf promotional materials can negatively impact your customer’s perception of you.

3. Invest In The Best

You need to ensure that your logo mat is high quality. A cheap and tacky-looking entrance mat won’t work unless you want to be trendy.

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest mat, but investing in a higher-quality mat will ultimately help you save money on replacements and maintenance.

4. It Must Work

If it’s not fully functional, even the most beautiful logo mat in the entire world, it’s useless. A mat that has a funny quip or trips up someone will not make a good impression. A branded doormat surrounded by water won’t look convincing.

Your personal mat should be placed in the hallway. Make it super absorbent and place it in a well. It should be low profile and have ramped edges if it is in the middle or center of a hallway.

5. A Catchy Slogan Is A Must

There are thousands of logos that people see every day. If yours isn’t particularly interesting, you may need another one.

Unbelievable, funny, or controversial statements go a long way. You can keep a customer’s attention even for a fraction of a second and beat most logos that they have seen.

6. Spread The Word Wisely

Advertising a steakhouse at vegan conventions is not a good idea. There are many places your brand will not fit in. This is not a bad thing. You would be everyone’s cup.

Be careful about where you place your ads. Make sure they are people who will benefit from your services. Higher conversions equal higher sales.

7. It Should Be Proudly Displayed

A branded logo mat placed in the back of your staff area will not increase your conversions, just like a steakhouse doesn’t get any business. Your mat should be proudly displayed where your ideal customers will see it.