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How To Get Your Article Accepted For Publication

If any of the following points are found to be inconsistent with your article, then the article in question will be disregarded.

A. Your article’s topic ought to be presented in the form of a question or a heading list, such as “how to,” “what is,” “top 10,” “top 20,” “top 30,” and so on.

B. Your article ought to be between 500 and 1,000 words long at the very least.

C. You are required to provide sources whenever someone challenges the veracity of what you are claiming.

D. It is required that the article not have been posted anywhere else on the internet.

E. Your article needs to be completely original and comprise one hundred percent of your writing.

F. Include any videos or images that are relevant to the subject of your article as supporting evidence.

G. Your article needs to be compliant with Google’s policy and can’t have any unfavorable language in it.

H. The information that is provided in the article ought to be accurate and must not be deceptive in any way.

I. If you are going to write in English, then you should have the same level of English as a native speaker.

Make Sure That Your Article Is Well-Informed And Contains Factual Information

Maintain a straightforward and helpful style in your writing. Articles need to be between 500 and 1,000 words long at the very least. The majority of readers find articles that contain complex words and sentences to be tedious, so make sure to keep your article easy to read while still providing valuable content.

Articles’ Various Points Of Inspection

– 1. Both the article’s title and its summary really ought to be strong.

– 2. A caption or description should accompany the image that you upload to the article.

– 3. When writing articles, make sure to use the title (H2) and (H3) tags on important paragraphs.

– 4. The article ought to be broken up into appropriate paragraphs and subheadings; a new paragraph ought to be created every three to five lines.

– 5. Include an external link to a reputable online resource in each of the articles you contribute to the content you have.

– 6. If you feel it is appropriate, attach relevant content links from our website that are based on your topic to your article.

– 7. Check to see if your article hasn’t been published anywhere else.

Before Sending In Your Article For Critique, Make Sure It Has Been Edited

We do not accept any of the articles that need a significant amount of editing. Before you send it in, please double-check that you have read it, reread it, and read it once more and that you have followed all of the checkpoints.

It is highly recommended that the article be run through a plagiarism checker before its publication to determine the extent to which it contains duplicate content. You can avoid being penalized by the crawlers used by search engines by doing it this way. If your website contains content that is similar to that of another online source, you may receive a penalty from search engines that prevent you from posting new content.

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